If you’re an avid sexter, then you have had the opportunity to fail on multiple occasions, to which there is no coming back. There are so many rights to sexting but so many wrongs that can follow if you’re not careful.

Take these into consideration the next time you decide to sext and send a naughty nude.

Wrong Person:

If you are a sexting feen then you may be having multiple conversations simultaneously. It’s tricky not to get them mixed up because you could be shooting yourself in the foot if your sext or picture doesn’t quite match up with the context of your messages.

Or you could be having casual texting conversations and accidentally send them a naughty picture in response to their simple question of “ do we have anything due tomorrow?” Either way, you need to double check who you are sending anything to refrain from embarrassing yourselves and showing off your goodies to unwanted prospects.

Wrong Number:

This will most likely happen if you’re exchanging numbers over social media, whether they send you the wrong one or you input it incorrectly. Before you send your promiscuous sext or picture make sure you’re talking to the same person you were before.

You will be surprised at how many people would take a random sext as a blessing and go along with it leading you to a harsh realization when they decide to send a nude back.

Full Face:

Not saying you can’t take hot nudes with your face in it but you probably shouldn’t. Especially if you’re sexting with complete strangers you recently started talking to, you need to make sure they aren’t mass sent to every horny person in their contacts.

It’s easy to get your point across with the simple cropping of your face because let’s are honest, no one is going to be looking at that when you are showing off your goodies. Not even sure what the right sext picture face should look like but I guarantee a duck face or douchey smirk will go unmissed.

Fake Picture:

Hopefully, the person you’re sexting is not a google image or porn wiz because you may be caught red handed. If you don’t feel sexy enough to take a new picture you can result to some older ones you’ve made but don’t steal them from the internet.

It is way too easy to realize they’re fake with the logo in the corner or the reflection of you in the computer screen when taking it. Just stick to sexting without pictures if you don’t have any or don’t feel like snapping a couple at that moment.


Setting the mood and getting into the sexts is quite hard so when a word is autocorrected without you realizing it may have fucked up the entire vibe.

Re-read your sexts before you send them because why not? It never hurts to double check your wording, and you might even turn yourself on more by the naughty text you’re about to send.  And if you want to learn more then check out some sexting websites.

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